Case Study on Ultra Poor Project

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Kerala needs your help from incessant rains and devastating floods

Partners in Prosperity is a registered non-for-profit society, working to help poor communities, build their own power, achieve self-reliance and permanently move from the margin to the mainstream of  development process. Certified under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860, Delhi. Registration No. #S 337985 of 1998 dated 20 Oct. 1998. PnP has Income Tax exemption under12 (A) and 80(G). FCRA Certification (No. 231660997, dated 16th June 2009) entitles PnP to receive foreign aid under prior permission and grants from international agencies.
  • To catalyze, support and strengthen sustainable development.
  • To act as a catalyst in promoting economic development and welfare for all, especially the marginalized and weaker sections of society including women, children, scheduled castes and tribes, disabled, and physically or mentally challenged persons.
  • To conduct and promote conceptual & policy relevant research.
  • To create a mechanism for advocacy, legal aid and information services on common causes and issues affecting humanity’s future.

Through our projects strives to empower impoverished communities and help them become sustainable and integrated participants in the development process.

Since its inception in 1998, Partners in Prosperity has been involved in projects spanning from environment conservation activities to assisting the homeless.