Sustainable Value Chains

Facilitating certifications from certifying agencies like IMO Control Pvt. Ltd, Control Union Certifications and Nature land Organics. Promoting Organic Agriculture, Supporting state governments and other institutions in prioritizing market based interventions in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar, Assam, Kerala, Odisha and Chhattisgarh.

WAPRO- Increased Water Efficiency and Food Productivity- Phase I, II


Climate Change Adaptation

Developing and promoting Climate Resilient Approach towards Agriculture like natural slurry, Bio Gas plants, Solar Energy and others. Supported preparation of the state action plans on climate change (SAPCC) in three states Sikkim, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu. Supported state government departments of Environment (Forest & Bio-Diversity; Sustainable Habitats, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy; and Strategic Knowledge Management), Water Resources, Coastal Area

Bio Gas Project (Operation and Maintenance)

Climate Resilient Interventions on Dairy Sector in Coastal and Arid Areas

Safe Water Access Project


Institutional Development

Strengthening Institutional systems, community mobilization, supporting formal registration (producer companies) and capacity building of leaders and members. Provide extensive support to farmer producer organisations and value chain actors in establishing domestic and international market linkages.


Strategy Workshop for Lupin Foundation

Income Increase Study of Beneficiaries of Lupin Human Welfare and Research Foundation

Livelihood Enhancement

Establishing employment generation activities for the rural and urban poor via multiple avenues. Involved in creating market linkages, Livestock development, promoting micro finance and increasing access. Involved in implementing multi-partner projects with international and national corporate partners and government agencies.

WAPRO- Increased Water Efficiency and Food Productivity- Phase I, II

Livelihood Restoration and Support for Flood Affected Population, Kerala

Development of Youth in Nainital District, Uttarakhand, India

Tribal Organic Coffee Project

MIMO Finance

Services Offered

Consultancy/ Advisory/ Research

Project Design and Implementation

Programme management

Training/Evaluation/ Studies